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House of Bernarda

  • 25/01/2022
  • 19:45
  • 29/01/2022
  • 19:45
  • Putney Arts Theatre

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Secrets, intrigue and tension with a dash of explosive violence...

Putney Theatre Company presents House of Bernarda by Margaret Lawless based on The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca .

Performance dates: Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 January 2022  7.45pm (main stage)

Bernarda Beausoleil, a Southern Belle descended from exiled nobility, has lived in isolation in her house in the remote Appalachian Mountains - Hillbilly Country - for nearly thirty years. Forbidden from interaction with an outside community deemed socially inferior, her four daughters have been kept in a tight grip of control by their violent domineering mother.

When the youngest, Adela, is covertly involved in a passionate affair with "the most handsome and well-bred man in the region" and her sister Marta, embittered after a sabotaged romance years before, threatens to reveal her secret and bring down Bernarda's full wrath upon her, tragedy looms ominously over the house.

Margaret Lawless' tempestuous adaptation of Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca sets aside the broad, epic strokes of the original in an attempt to establish a more detailed sense of the titular character's flawed humanity. Bernarda may be an unhinged, domineering and explosively violent matriarch, but she earnestly believes that she protects herself and her daughters from a hostile, uncivilised world.


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