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The ability to light our productions in the near future is under threat.

The ability to source tungsten lamps (bulbs) for use in stage lighting fixtures is proving to be a growing and therefore significant problem.

Some years ago, the European Union took the decision to disallow the manufacture of such lamps - a decision that was made with the best of intentions - principally to save energy - but without proper consideration of the consequences. As a result, companies, such as Philips, closed their European factories.

While that decision for the moment has effectively been reversed, the manufacturing capabilities have not been reinstated. And although a handful of manufacturers in China originally agreed to continue mass production of stage lamps to keep the global industry supplied, Covid meant that that demand fell overnight to almost zero and the Chinese factories too were closed.

Hence the current problematic situation, where many performance venues are competing to get hold of the remaining and increasingly scarce stocks of tungsten stage lamps.

And this competitive situation will only get worse over time (eventually it will be impossible to purchase tungsten lamps anywhere) as professional venues continue to replace as quickly as they can their tungsten lamps and fixtures for LED versions.

At Putney Arts Theatre, while we still have some usable lanterns, there is an urgent need to replace the real workhorses on the main stage – those which are in use for every show, presentation, and event.  

On a positive note, the change to our LED rig would result in:

  • 65-70% reduction in energy usage.
  • The ability to light in any colour at any time giving much more scope to offer a wide range of 'looks' to any production. 
  • No lamps (bulbs) to replace - the average life of a tungsten lampis around 150 hours, while the average life of an LED light is around 50,000 hours.
  • No colour gel costs.
  • Greater likelihood to attract new technical talent. 

So, our specific immediate requirements are as follows:

COLORSOURCE SPOT V PROFILE, 23-50 LENS                     12 @ £1920 = £23,040

CHAUVET OVATION F915-FC + BARNDOOR                     8 x @ £1584 = £12,672

The brings the total fundraising target to just over £35,000.

If we don't achieve this target, then all proceeds raised from this initiative up to this amount will be used to fund lighting improvements, any amounts raised over this amount will be used to fund improvements in our technical areas. 

If you don't wish to donate for this specific appeal, then you can still provide general support by selecting that option in the donation form below. 

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Help protect the Borough of Wandsworth's oldest surviving theatre for future generations by making a donationtoday.  Your generosity can help us keep our doors open for the community for years to come.

How your donation can help:

£5 Contributes to the cost of printing, buying or hiring playscripts.

£10 Can pay for a week's drama class for a child or young person that could otherwise not attend.

£50 Can cover the cost of emergency repairs or professional advice.

£85 Will keep the theatre open for a day.

£110 Will pay for a full term of drama classes for a local child on an assisted place. 

£250 Can pay for a new seat in our auditorium.

£500 Can help pay for new theatre lighting equipment.

If you prefer to donate towards specific purposes, then our current initiative is detailed above. Equally please do get in touch with us directly to discuss any donations you would like to make personally.

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